Wine Cellar

Someone once said that wine is the only drinkable work of art. It might be a coincidence but our classic owl-style corkscrew is sold in the New York and Tokyo Museums of Modern Art and in The City of Wine in Bordeaux. Stylish corkscrews, minimalist decanters and exclusive wall-mounted corkscrews are all part of our wine cellar.

Wine Cellar

A good wine is even better when drunk at the perfect temperature. This is why you can find a wide variety of temperature controlled wine cabinets in our product list.

These vary in size, from 20 bottles to more than 300, which is perfect for professionals. They come with or without separate temperature controlled areas. Multi-temperature wine cabinets are necessary for people who enjoy both red and white wines.

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There are many reasons to uncork a bottle of wine. Choose yours and also choose your BOJ corkscrew.

We have a wide range of products for all needs, wallets and tastes. Corkscrews for the home, for the mountain, with and without knives, electric corkscrews, wall-mounted for professionals, etc. All manufactured with top quality materials, from the most traditional to those of the Lux range.

At BOJ we have always put a lot of effort into R&D and innovation, and our products are patented internationally.

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Stylish accessories for a more comfortable life

The world of wine is full of nuances, and with BOJ accessories these can be enjoyed even more.

We have aerators that force air through the wine to increase your enjoyment, cap cutters for quick and easy access to the cork, and different sized bottle openers for different occasions.

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Tasteful gifts

Wine is an important part of celebrations, and to ensure that these are perfect we have prepared some wine sets which make the perfect gifts. They include the essential accessories: corkscrew, anti-drip collar, aerator and stopper.

There are other options for people who place great value on detail, design and luxury in all their aspects. For them, we also have gold-plated corkscrews.

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