Domestic Appliances

BOJ’s most technological products. Designed and manufactured to satisfy the demands of today’s market and modern life. Our domestic appliances are simple to use, fast and energy efficient.

Designed and Engineered in Europe

Washing machines, dryers and dishwashers

Our washing machines, dryers and dishwashers take good care of our customers’ clothes and crockery, but also their pockets and the environment. BOJ technology places particular emphasis on decreasing water and electricity consumption. It is everyone’s responsibility to look after the planet’s resources.

Furthermore, we maintain our commitment to design and comfort.

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Fridges and freezers

We have also equipped all of the products in our range with technology that guarantees the greatest energy efficiency.

We have also equipped all of the products in our range with technology that guarantees the greatest energy efficiency.

And, of course, we take into account the characteristics of different foods. A single fridge combines the ideal conditions for all product types.

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Ovens, hobs, extractor fans, chimneys and stoves

Preparing daily meals is much easier and cheaper with our ovens, stoves and induction and glass ceramic hobs. And if you’re having trouble choosing one, we also have hobs with different technologies; a simple solution for a problem that didn’t seem to have one.

We have also solved the issue of oven cleaning. Now, nobody has to do it. The oven does it for you. Pyrolytic technology allows us to guarantee high quality when cooking and ease and efficiency when cleaning the oven.

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High-Performance Microwaves

We have an extensive menu of automated programmes that offer a wide range of cooking possibilities. From the most elaborate dishes using Microwave+Grill to simply heating a glass of milk using just the microwave feature. Furthermore, we adapt to all needs with a large range of sizes.

The memory feature makes them even easier to use as it allows the cooking programme to be saved meaning that it doesn’t have to be entered again. When you want to use this programme again, you simply have to press the “Memory” button.

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