Small Appliances

We have a range of products that make us feel very big: the so-called small appliances. Devices with a simple design that are straightforward to use, which make daily life in the kitchen pleasant and easy.

Cooking food

Blenders and other small kitchen devices are a great help in our daily life.

With up to 1,000 W of power and a wide range of accessories, BOJ food processors are perfect for cooking any type of recipe: kneading, cutting, grating, whipping, frothing, preparing shakes, juices, smoothies, etc.

With these devices you will have the flavour of traditional food with the comfort of today’s kitchen.

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Ironing and cleaning

The best thing about technology is that is gives us time to do what we want. This is why we have included an ultra-fast heating system to save time.

Furthermore, the surfaces of BOJ irons are equipped with ultra-sliding ceramic plates. More comfortable and faster.

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