26 February 2018

The new boj global products are born in the most international “environment”

135,000 visitors from 168 countries, with Spain in the top ten, came to Frankfurt between 9 and 13 February.

Yet again this year, our team from Eibar stayed loyal to the event and travelled to the German town. We have been present at the largest exhibition of catering sector items in the world since 1987 - for more than 30 years. It involved five days filled with excitement, generating professional relationships and encounters, and it confirmed that having a presence in trade fairs is still essential to continue and grow in international commercial environments.

This year we arrived with numerous new items, and under the new LUX brand name we have showcased products and updates to some of our most classic and emblematic pieces.

KEA X-Lux represents the successful culmination of over a decade of hard work and constant research and development on a BOJ GLOBAL project. Focussing on the smallest detail, this new edition of the KEA Corkscrew has been reinvented with high quality materials and microfusion technology used in the manufacturing to guarantee the product’s sturdiness and long-lasting use. Its design is an evolution of the original model, created at the turn of the century and inspired by the New Zealand bird called the Kea. KEA X-Lux comes in a range of finishes with metallic pigmentations. These are unique and original and have been created specifically for BOJ GLOBAL, ensuring that it is as beautiful as it is functional.

The new Mirror Wine Set has been created by Dhemen Design, a studio which has won the Red Dot, one of the most prestigious awards in the industrial design world. High quality stainless steel with a polished mirror finish and a vintage style make the pieces in this new set objects of desire, designed with the greatest connoisseurs from the world of wine in mind.

We also showcased the latest version of the Double-levered and Bodega Corkscrews, classic BOJ GLOBAL models and ambassadors of the brand around the world. Known as the Lux Owl Corkscrew and the Lux Bodega Corkscrew, they have been reinvented in deluxe editions by adding high quality materials and elite finishes which complete the process of setting them apart from others. Our creations are still manufactured in our factory in Eibar (Spain) and we are proud to preserve the original design of their creator, David Olañeta, from the 1940s.

Despite the new developments showcased, we were still surprised by the great interest that visitors to our stand showed in the classic model of the Wall-Mounted Corkscrew, an icon for BOJ GLOBAL, which has been uncorking wine bottles for over four decades, as well as its recent evolution to the 110 Model In this edition we wanted to surprise people by presenting suggestions for new finishes which will soon be released on the market.

One classic that is always with us is the OJ GLOBAL Industrial Can Opener  and for the last two years we have had the JFA version which has obtained the NSF certificate and become an approved product for sale in the most demanding countries.