27 March 2019

Small appliances: the most helpful devices for your kitchen with a unique design

Our daily lives take up all our time: after working, commuting, family and household chores, we barely have any time left for cooking even the simplest of dishes. We have to juggle everything and sometimes we give in to the temptation of the easy solution: ordering out.

How many times have you not cooked something like fish or grilled meat because you don't have the necessary equipment? Or chosen to buy smoothies because making them at home is a hassle? Well don't worry, there are many small appliances that can really help you with everyday life. These are devices that will help you enjoy healthy food because you can make it in very little time and in an amazingly simple way.

For over 100 years, BOJ-Global has been designing solutions to make chores such as cleaning and cooking even simpler and more convenient. These household allies are called small appliances and they bring together technology, design and efficiency to provide help in the kitchen for everyone who, like yourself, has limited time for cooking. Want to know how? Join us to discover some of them.

Electric pressure cooker. It has all the benefits of a conventional pressure cooker but with all the additional advantages of an electric device. With this small appliance you can prepare the raw ingredients in the morning, leave them like that and when you get home find the meal freshly prepared. How? With 10 cooking programmes and a 24-hour timer. If you’re late for any reason, that’s no problem: it activates an automatic function which keeps the food warm until you get back so that you don't waste time reheating it. It has an amazing design, is made out of stainless steel, is non-stick and has a removable lid: all so that you make the most of the time you spend in the kitchen.

Electric grills. Few things are easier to cook than vegetables, meat or fish on the grill: you just have to get home, turn on the grill, cook whatever you want and serve it up. BOJ grills have the power you need to cook any food quickly and uniformly, and are designed so that they can be cleaned easily. And they even have different cooking areas so that you can cook two things at the same time!

Blenders for athletes. In the past few years, smoothies have become one of the tastiest and lowest-calorie options for people who enjoy natural shakes while playing sport. BOJ-Global blenders for athletes allow you to prepare a natural shake early in the morning and, thanks to its portable container with a handle and hermetic seal, you can take it with you in the same cup. The perfect option for those who would rather have a large dinner and use their lunch break to work out.

Kettle. The BOJ-Global kettle has become one of the best options for preparing all types of infusions quickly and easily. It has a capacity of 1.7 litres, a transparent measurer and a fantastic design so you can enjoy a hot drink at the simple press of a button.

Kneader. If you have a little more time and you like baking, BOJ-Global has created a small appliance that is both attractive and functional, perfect for helping you make bread, dough for a pizza, pastries, sponge cakes, biscuits and all types of desserts.

The list of BOJ-Global small appliances does not end there: powerful hand blenders, easy to clean fryers, juicers, flat and vertical toasters, mini ovens and many others with several features in common: an attractive and modern design, with all the functionality and efficiency BOJ-Global has accumulated over its more than 100 years of existence.