8 February 2019

Life in the warmth of a cosy kitchen

When people are asked where they spend most time of their time when at home, many say in the living room. Would you? That’s normal, but in reality it’s not the living room, it’s the kitchen. This is why at BOJ Global we believe that the kitchen should be as cosy and comfortable as a sofa, and as well-equipped as a living room. We are not suggesting putting a 52” plasma screen next to the fridge, but something much simpler, namely everyday kitchen products: knives, can openers, corkscrews, pans, pots, etc... as well as small appliances and domestic appliances. All these products are really helpful in our everyday lives and we believe that they should be useful and attractive. Why not? The better designed they are, the more comfortable and easier it will be to cook, and our lives will be more comfortable and pleasant as a result. Today is the first day of the Ambiente 2019 Frankfurt trade fair, and we will be talking about all of this at our stand. We will showcase our most classic and renowned products, such as the owl corkscrew - which I’m sure you know -, as well as our most recent creations: mini appliances and domestic appliances. If it is a bit far for you to come, have a look around the new BOJ Global website and follow us on the social networks. We will provide updated information on what is taking place there, give advice and organise draws with very special prizes.