2 June 2016

HostelCuba, the opportunity to be in a growing market

BOJ has been in the Cuban market for the last 30 years, and we couldn't miss the first edition of HostelCuba 2016.

HostelCuba is one of the most important trade fairs in the sector and it is essential to be there. It is a trade fair in Havana dedicated to "Hospitality Equipment and Tourism Services" which was held in May in the PABEXPO Havana Exhibition Centre.

Undoubtedly, this is an opportunity to break into a growing market in a strategic location, making it an unmissable trade fair. More than 50 companies working in the hotel, catering, architecture and design areas from more than a dozen countries were present at this event. And in the case of BOJ, this event has proven to be an ideal showcase for a company already settled in Cuba, to strengthen their position and to publicise their new products. 

The main theme of HostelCuba was the equipment and machinery for the hotel trade, kitchenware and tableware, information management and control, as well as decorative items, laundry equipment and products, among others related to the enabling of, and the facilities needed by, the hostelry sector. 

Presentation of new products

BOJ is known for being an elite brand that sells very elegant wine consumption items such as wall-mounted corkscrews, but we can also be the wine experts' brand, and we can be the brand for various household products, that also makes products for restaurants such as our table-top can-opener and, again, our wall-mounted corkscrews.

Therefore at this trade fair we presented, with remarkable success, our patented 110 wall-mounted corkscrew. An exclusive item that we have renewed by giving it a new design. Another of our items that we showed was our completely disassembleable industrial can-opener which has been granted the NSF certificate, as well as our latest professional scissors, which the most prestigious chefs would like to have in their kitchens.