23 April 2017

Hostelcuba, revitalising the professional sector in the caribbean

HOSTELCUBA 2017 is the result of a successful collaboration agreement between PABEXPO and Fira Barcelona International, leaders in organising international events, who join forces to organise sector trade fairs and boost the development and innovation of the catering and hotel industry in Cuba.

It offers over 3,000 square metres of professional exhibition space representing the equipment, distribution and technology sectors, among others.

  • Equipment and machinery for hotels, catering and vending.
  • Gourmet area: food and drink.
  • Design, interior design and décor.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Linens, kitchenware and uniforms.
  • Equipment and services for the entertainment and leisure industries, as well as tourist establishments.
  • Technology and advisory services at the service of management and communication.

As in the first edition, the presence of BOJ GLOBAL in the PabExpo exhibition space in Havana involved the presentation of new developments in the exhibition area, networking and the strengthening of the commercial contacts that we have after more than thirty years of being present on the island, and this year, as a new feature, we will be actively involved in the Gastronomic Forum, a new format dedicated to Showcooking and tasting cuisines from around the world.

Together with the chef Enoch Tamayo, a staunch defender of Cuban culinary traditions, BOJ GLOBAL starred in one of the culinary workshops held at the fair, where some of the typical dishes of the island were created and exhibited and those present could try them. This experience was repeated several days later, within the Cooking and Food Culture project with the Association of Culinary Federations of the Republic of Cuba and the Cuba Bartender Association, as part of the Culinary Art event, where we showcased our more representative kitchenware and cooking items and new developments, also with the support of Tamayo.

One of the new developments that BOJ GLOBAL has showcased in this edition is the new JFA Industrial Can Opener whose new feature compared to older models is the NSF International certification . Having this certificate makes it possible for products to be sold in markets with the most demanding regulations.

The equipment is tested and certified for acceptance in the USA, Europe and the other global markets. NSF International is the leading independent non-governmental and non-profit organisation which supports public health. NSF facilitates the development of over 75 public health-related standards and protocols for catering and food industry equipment, and certifies products as safe to use in catering and commercial kitchens. These standards include product security, hygiene, design and performance requirements.

Also present was our newly updated Wall-Mounted Corkscrew 110 model. Having inherited the ease and agility in opening wine bottles that characterised its predecessor, the classic model, and with its extensive list of possible finishes, this has been successful in the décor sector, creating differentiated spaces in homes, wine bars, urban cellars, etc., reflecting the new consumption habits of the most demanding wine lovers.

As well as the new versions of the Industrial Can Opener and Wall-Mounted Corkscrew, BOJ GLOBAL showcases its most traditional range of products, such as industrial scissors, professional knives, nutcrackers, tongs for chefs, table utensils and a wide range of can openers, as well as, in the wine consumption sector, bottle openers, corkscrews, aerators and decanters, stoppers, foil cutters, etc.