6 March 2017

Happy at the achievements accomplished during Ambiente 2017

We've faithfully exhibited at this fair for more than 30 years, which bears testimony to us being one of this fair's longest-standing veterans to exhibit at this wonderful venue in the city of Frankfurt. As we do every year, staff from BOJ usually arrive a few days before, not only to supervise the construction and decoration of the stand, but also to discover the city which welcomes us year after year and which also offers a vast realm of recreational options.

Any company participating in the fair has to set itself some targets to make the investment required for exhibiting at this event worthwhile... At BOJ, we can assure you that during this year's Ambiente 2017 we have gone far beyond all expectations:

  • We've strengthened important relationships with companies and clients who already know us and who we've worked with for years, if not decades. Gratifying encounters with people with projects that, at times, we've seen since their first steps and, as far as we've been able to, that we've helped to make grow and flourish.
  • We continue to boost markets on five continents and to navigate new trading channels for our products in Asia, the Middle East and, in particular, Arab countries. Success in the process initiated for opening trade with our product catalogue throughout South America and Central America.
  • We've established contact with more than 200 new companies who've shown interest in all our catering product ranges. It's worth highlighting our new Industrial JFA Tin-opener as the stand's flagship product given the constant displays and demonstrations we carried out. This tin-opener was recently awarded the NSF quality certificate, thereby making it a top class functional item for any professional kitchen. We mustn't overlook our updated Wall-mounted Corkscrew either, model 110, which continues to be eye-catching, not only because of its vast range of finishes, but also due to its new design intended for use in the homes of wine-tasting enthusiasts as a decorative element.

To sum up Messe Frankfurt, we can only reiterate how happy and grateful we are for the achievements accomplished during the it's time to get back to the factory where we have to keep working at BOJ, our project going back more than 110 years.