9 April 2019

From Eibar to the whole world

On 4 April we opened the new BOJ GLOBAL office in the very heart of Eibar, specifically in one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in the city. From here, we have set ourselves the task of sending out our small and domestic appliances across the entire world.

China, Middle East, Egypt, USA, Maghrib, South-East Asia, Korea, Vietnam and all the countries in the European Union, including the Baltic ones, will be the destinations for our new products. If you are reading this in a country that isn’t on the list, don't worry! We are working tirelessly so that, sooner rather than later, we can reach the whole world.

Our new office will therefore be a strategic location for BOJ GLOBAL and given that, we wanted to plan a big event for its opening. This was attended by representatives of the financial and corporate sectors in Eibar, the mayor of the city and members of the SPRI (Basque Government Corporate Development Agency), the Chamber of Commerce and SD Eibar football club, as well as friends, suppliers and, of course, the company’s employees, without whose hard work none of this would be possible.

We are opening more than an office, we are opening a new phase which will take us around the world. This phase will be as long as our first 114 years of history.