6 October 2019

BOJ and Karlos Arguiñano, together making expert recipes.

We are in the kitchen. Not just any kitchen, but Karlos Arguiñano's kitchen. From now on, you will see us on his TV show, the well-known Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina, and also in his gastronomic channel

Karlos will be uploading really interesting videos of delicious expert recipes to his channel. He will make them with the help of our products, so you can see the quality with which they are manufactured and everything we can offer.

In addition, we will highlight our Winery catalogue, with a fixed slot in the programme. In it, Ainhoa, his colleague, and our head sommelier, Jon William Herrera Hurt, will present our products to everyone with explanations on what they are for, how they are used and many interesting stories from the world of wine.

See us on TV, in the Internet and in your kitchen.