15 July 2019

BOJ becomes the official sponsor of Eibar

At BOJ, we have taken another step in our relationship with S.D. Eibar. Until now we were shareholders of the team but, from this season, we will also be the official sponsor.

We have taken this decision because of the unique nature of this club. Eibar has a business structure that is almost unique in the world of football. While the other teams are funded by shareholders located in their home town, this club has thousands of shareholders spread across 60 countries. This is similar to our experience. At BOJ, we have a strong sense of belonging to Eibar but we also want to look beyond our borders, selling our products in China, the Middle East, the USA and across the whole of Europe.

We are united by our city and our international character, but we are also united by our tenacious, friendly and family nature. As the family we are, through our logo on the back of the shirts we will always be there, covering the backs of the players and pushing them to achieve the targets set.

Stay tuned because there will be exclusive events, draws for tickets, special editions of our products and many other interesting developments.