16 December 2016

BOJ is in the Premier Division

Sociedad Deportiva Eibar, founded in 1940, is a football club which, since its existence, has been a key player in all football categories, from regional divisions right up to the Premier Division. The most outstanding sports milestones in their history have been the 18 years in a row that they played in the Second Division (between 1988 and 2006, a record in this category) and their promotion to the Premier Division during the 2013-2014 season where they're currently playing. In 2014, they felt under the obligation to increase capital in order to remain in professional football and reached the figure of 10,000 shareholders in 69 countries.

In this sense, BOJ wasn't going to stand back on the sidelines and didn't hesitate in supporting a premier division team in Spanish football and especially taking into account that SD Eibar is its own home team. It's a club which, just like BOJ, knows the meaning of hard work if good results are to be achieved and, in particular, knows how to keep up the pace in a complicated economic climate.

And the best part is seeing how this effort pays off by cheering at the goals and, with its advertising boards which have ultimately become the focus of the celebration, BOJ is always there with them.

For SD Eibar each goal is a step towards clawing their way up the classification board and keeping themselves at the top. For BOJ, each product is a match that has to be won; researching, developing new products, improving others, innovating... and our goals are our customers' satisfaction when they buy our corkscrews and NSF certified tin-openers, as well as other tools which help you to save time and enjoy your free time such as watching the football with friends.

At BOJ we've gone further and we've got behind SD Eibar's team whose success we'll continue to follow and lend our support to ensure that this team carries on winning on the premier field. Moreover, we hope that our advertising boards become a talisman that pushes SD Eibar on to score more goals.