20 March 2019

Unique wine accessories gifts

If you still don’t know what to give as a present but you know she or he is a wine enthusiast, take a look at these ideas because they will make your gift unforgettable.

• Wine cabinet. This is the perfect gift for any wine lover and the accessory that all wine enthusiasts must have in their house. Wine cabinets are essential when it comes to storing wine in the best possible conditions. What size do I need? It is just for storing red wines, or also for whites, cava and champagne? Before going out and buying a wine cabinet, you must identify what you need and consider some details. For example, there are wine cabinets that can be integrated into kitchen units and others that are stand alone and can be positioned in any area of the house; some can hold 18 bottles and others store more than 300; some have just one cold area while others have two areas with different temperature ranges. BOJ-Global has specialised in the world of wine for decades and has a wine cellar catalogue created to meet all needs: from the simplest collection of a wine enthusiast to the most demanding needs of winemakers. And what is most important: all have an incredible design and the most advanced technology to achieve maximum efficiency: touch control and LED lighting, inverter compressor, internal fans that can distribute the temperature evenly without creating frost... All to ensure the quality and preservation of the wine.

• Professional corkscrews. The key moment is here, the most important task when tasting wine, after its preservation, is the uncorking. To prevent the cork from breaking and contaminating the wine, this process must be handled with care. And, of course, the bottle must not be moved to prevent problems with wines that have been aged for many years. So what corkscrew do we use? The classic double step, of the waiter type, a professional table one, or a fixed wall one? The first has the advantage that it has a serrated foil cutter and is very manageable and easy to use. The one from BOJ-Global is designed by sommeliers for daily use and has a helix that removes any cork, even synthetic ones. The professional table one clamps onto any flat surface so you can remove corks quickly and cleanly. It is almost a decorative item, with the chrome plated body and the handle made of sapele wood. However, if you want functionality and efficiency, the 110 wall range from BOJ-Global has everything you need: resistance, an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, a spectacular design with several colours and even a limited edition that can be ordered in 24-carat gold. We should of course not forget about the classic owl-type corkscrew, of various colours, and the double step with a unique design.

• Unique accessories. In the world of wine you must pay attention to every detail and cutting the foil is the first step in the uncorking ritual. To achieve the full experience it must be effective and avoid leaving behind bits of metal. If they also have a state-of-the-art design which is unique and comes in several colours, such as those that BOJ offers, even better. With the wine now uncorked and served, it must be kept at the right temperature while keeping the bottle to hand. For this, BOJ has very practical wine coolers with an amazing design: flexible sleeves comprised of a special gel that are capable of keeping the wine cool for hours if you put them in the freezer just one hour beforehand.

• Accessories. And since great wine deserves the best, there are accessories that make the moment of serving it a solemn occasion: pourers for sparkling wines, stoppers to prevent oxidation, anti-drip rings, aerators... All designed by Dhemen Design, a firm that has won several Red Dot awards for industrial design, and packaged in cases that turn them into a unique and special gift. Have you found some ideas for a present? If you want to take a look at these and many more wine-related gifts, you can check them out in the BOJ-Global catalogue.