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18 October 2019

BOJ is now in Milan

Today marks that start of one of the great biennial trade fairs, if not the best: the International Exhibition of the Catering and Hospitality Industry, better known by the abbreviated name of HOST MI…

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16 October 2019

El Corte Inglés, new BOJ point of sale

You can now purchase BOJ products at El Corte Inglés. With this new distributor, we have further expanded our points of sale. We are already in stores selling kitchenware and small appliances, in hard…

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15 October 2019

Magister Bibendi - BOJ Pairing by Jon William

This week we would like to tell you all about Magister Bibendi Reserva 2016. A Rioja produced by the winery Bodegas Navarrsotillo, with the Graciano grape grown on twenty-year-old vines. The wine is …

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14 October 2019

Coeliacs and gluten

Source: FACE Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations. It is estimated that 1% of the European population are coeliacs. A significant percentage of patients (75%) remain undiagnosed due, for the mo…

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10 October 2019

Bullit de Peix - BOJ Recipe by Aingeru

SERVES 8 Puffed rice 240 g round grain rice 540 ml concentrated rockfish stock Olive oil for frying Fizzy rice & herring tablet Potassium bicarbonate Citric acid Concentrated rockfish …

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8 October 2019

La del vivo - BOJ Pairing by Jon William

Today, we are going to try something very interesting: La del Vivo from La Vizcaína. It is a white wine aged 12 months in French oak barrels. It comes from the D.O. Bierzo and is produced by Raúl Pére…

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7 October 2019

Fish Allergy

Source: AEPNAA Spanish Association of People with Food and Latex Allergies. Fish, along with seafood, is one of the foods causing the highest number of allergies. Their proteins, the histamine they c…

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3 October 2019

Ké Pringá - BOJ Recipe by Aingeru

SERVES 8 Flank Ribs Free-range chicken Black pudding Chorizo 240 g belly 540 ml vegetable and meat stock (bones, onion, carrot, leek, bouquet garni) 160 g chickpeas Method Its Spanish name…

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30 September 2019

Food allergies already are a food alert

Around the world, there are almost 520 million people who may have a food allergy. According to figures provided by the World Allergy Organization, no country has reported a fall in food allergies in …

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15 July 2019

BOJ becomes the official sponsor of Eibar

At BOJ, we have taken another step in our relationship with S.D. Eibar. Until now we were shareholders of the team but, from this season, we will also be the official sponsor. We have taken this decis…

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9 April 2019

From Eibar to the whole world

On 4 April we opened the new BOJ GLOBAL office in the very heart of Eibar, specifically in one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in the city. From here, we have set ourselves the task of send…

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20 March 2019

Unique wine accessories gifts

If you still don’t know what to give as a present but you know she or he is a wine enthusiast, take a look at these ideas because they will make your gift unforgettable. • Wine cabinet. This is the p…

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15 February 2019

From Frankfurt to the world

We've just got back from one of the most attractive consumer goods fairs in the world, the so-called Ambiente 2019 Frankfurt. This was a date for the top brands in the business and for newcomer suppli…

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8 February 2019

Life in the warmth of a cosy kitchen

When people are asked where they spend most time of their time when at home, many say in the living room. Would you? That’s normal, but in reality it’s not the living room, it’s the kitchen. This is w…

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1 October 2018

FIHAV 2018

The FIHAV is back once again this year. The fair has a long tradition and, to give you an idea of just how long, this is the 36th edition. It is being held from 29 October to Friday, 2 November, in th…

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25 August 2018

Paris equip’hotel trade fair

The Paris Equip’Hotel Trade Fair is very special for many reasons. We can start by talking about the fact that it is held every two years, in a world of annual trade fairs. The Paris Equip’Hotel Trade…

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16 December 2016

BOJ is in the Premier Division

Sociedad Deportiva Eibar, founded in 1940, is a football club which, since its existence, has been a key player in all football categories, from regional divisions right up to the Premier Division. Th…

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16 November 2016

BOJ at the HOSTELCO Trade Fair Show 2016

During this 18th edition, innovations in machinery and equipment led the way and were proof of substantial investments made in R&D&I. Indeed, more new products were on show than ever and this …

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23 June 2016

Do you know what the NSF Certificate is?

NSF is the ONG that gives sanitary certificates and creates the standards for the public health institutions. The NSF certification guarantees for the costumers, institutions and whole sellers that th…

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