A history that makes us strong

The iron of the land and the iron character of us, the people who inhabit it, have forged a strong industry in Europe.

Making people’s daily lives easier, more comfortable and more stylish

The company was founded in the province of Gipuzkoa in 1905. Back then we manufactured simple pieces of metal, but we soon expanded our range with new products and mechanical technology.

Over the following years, the development of the company was accompanied by the industrial revolution of the area. Towns such as Eibar and Mondragón stood out nationally and we constantly incorporated increasingly advanced and complex technology in our products.

Later in the 20th century the creative and competitive capabilities of our engineers continued to grow. We had to supply a market that was increasingly challenging and international. We needed to meet all the needs in the kitchen and, as a solution to these demands, BOJ GLOBAL emerged.

Thus, the catalogue of products gradually expanded over the years. In addition to the manufacture of implements related to wine and kitchenware, we added small appliances and, a little later, a wide range of domestic appliances. In short, we provide a global service.

This diversification in products has been accompanied by a diversification in markets. In what is a big step in our development, we have entered markets such as China, the Middle East, Egypt, Iran, the USA and all of Europe, including the Baltic countries.

All of this growth is the result of the work and effort of our great team of people. These professionals, with more than 20 years of experience both nationally and internationally, are the reason why BOJ GLOBAL is a consolidated and recognised brand across half of the world. It is a brand that always looks forward from the strength of a history spanning more than 100 years.

Half the world already knows who we are.
The other half will too shortly.